Presenting: The NELSONIAN® AWARDS for 2022


This award—a golden trophy MikroMak™ prime lens—is an accolade for meritorious and innovative use of Infinity’s unique Nelsonian® lens systems: optics which are designed upon microscopical principles, many of which date back to those proposed by Edward Milles Nelson.

Called by many “the English Abbe,” Nelson established criteria—which led future scientists such as F. Zernike to develop phase contrast and other devices—by observing anomalies in Abbe’s diffraction theory, such as “the invisible image.” We now honor his memory.

* Usual issuance of the 2022 Nelsonians® was unavoidably delayed. We are happy to announce the 2022 Nelsonian Award winners below.

This year’s recipients are:

Tyler Ashlock –

Winner’s Website

For artistic and dramatic cine of the human eye in a mesmerizing presentation,
using the TS-160 Robusto.

Steve Giralt –

Winner’s Website

For insightful use of the TS-160 to capture fruit flies attracted to beverage cans for a stunning commercial, emphasizing that the TS-160 with Micro HM objective proved that Truly beverages now are made with real sugar.

Adam Voorhes –

Winner’s Website

For exceptional high magnification cine of watch movements and incredible capture of a flash bulb with all its variations of temperature over microseconds utilizing the TS-160 and Micro HM objective.