Infinity Photo-Optical Products

By Series

MikroMak™ Series

Prime Lenses

125, 90, 70, 50, 40mm Focal Lengths

InfiniProbe™ Series

Variable Magnification Lenses

For all formats 1-in. and larger

InfiniProbe™ TS-160

Macro/Micro Imaging System

InfiniProbe™ ROBUSTO-Lite™

InfiniProbe™ MS

Continuously-Focusable Microscopes

InfiniProbe™ C-Mount:

Visible & UV (Straight and 90° Models):

InfiniProbe: compact, popularly-priced answers to many imaging problems that only these revolutionary optics can solve.


Video Microscope Objectives

The Achrovid Series of Objectives represent a breakthrough in consistent, trouble-free use coupled with high performance image quality at a price below their visual-dedicated counterparts.


Long-Distance Microscopes

Infinity’s state-of-the-art optics…

The K-Series Family of Long-Distance Microscopes incorporate refinements which attain new levels of performance. We know of no other instruments that even approximate their imagery.

Proximity™ Series


Video-dedicated Lenses


Variable Magnification Lenses

For up to and including 2/3-in. formats

The Proximity Series consists of video-dedicated lenses that provide exceptional performance at popular prices.