Infinity Photo-Optical Products

By Series

MikroMak™ Series

Prime Lenses

125, 90, 70, 50, 40mm Focal Lengths

InfiniProbe™ Series

Variable Magnification Lenses

For all formats 1-in. and larger

InfiniProbe™ TS-160

Macro/Micro Imaging System

InfiniProbe™ ROBUSTO-Lite™

InfiniProbe™ MS

Continuously-Focusable Microscopes

InfiniProbe™ C-Mount:

Visible & UV (Straight and 90° Models):

InfiniProbe: compact, popularly-priced answers to many imaging problems that only these revolutionary optics can solve.


Video Microscope Objectives

The Achrovid Series of Objectives represent a breakthrough in consistent, trouble-free use coupled with high performance image quality at a price below their visual-dedicated counterparts.


Long-Distance Microscopes

Infinity’s state-of-the-art optics…

The K-Series Family of Long-Distance Microscopes incorporate refinements which attain new levels of performance. We know of no other instruments that even approximate their imagery.


Dynamic Optical Focusing and Spherical Correction

InFocus imparts dynamic optical focusing to almost any infinity-corrected microscope.

Proximity™ Series


Video-dedicated Lenses


Variable Magnification Lenses

For up to and including 2/3-in. formats

The Proximity Series consists of video-dedicated lenses that provide exceptional performance at popular prices.