A Visit to JILA Laboratory

The Bose-Einstein Condensate was first observed by Carl Wieman and Eric Cornell at the JILA Laboratory of the University of Colorado at Boulder. Both received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001. JILA is now under the direction of Dr. Dana Z. Anderson who is leading a team researching atomtronic transistor science. Infinity Photo-Optical instruments are used extensively throughout the JILA Laboratory.

Professor Dr. Dana Z. Anderson heads the JILA Lab at the University of Colorado, Boulder

The InfiniProbe™ TS-160 and Model KC VideoMax™ at JILA

The InfiniMite™ at JILA

Another InfiniProbe™ TS-160 and Model KC VideoMax™ setup at JILA

Model K2™ and InfiniMite™ at JILA

This poster with the names of the principal investigators appears on the wall at the JILA Laboratory