InfiniProbe MS

InfiniProbe™ MS

Variable Magnification Lens Macro System

InfiniProbe MS

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Effective: December 01, 2022

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InfiniProbe MS

490101InfiniProbe MS with Extenders 1 and 2 and built-in Filter Holder$2,415.00

Note: The InfiniProbe MS focuses from infinity to as close as 16mm and from 0 to up to 4x.

Note: For industrial purposes, the InfiniProbe MS can be supplied without Iris control (set to a selected aperture) or with a probe tip construction that allows ring lights or other illuminating devices to be attached to its front. We will be pleased to quote on these variants.


670905CS-Mount Spacer (C5). Needed for CS-mount cameras only$35.00
990170Small Mounting Clamp (useful to secure around objective section)$105.00
991103Retainer for Filter Holder (19-20mm diameter filters)$30.00

MS Diagram

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