K-Series Long-Distance Microscopes

Model KC™ VideoMax™

K-Series Long-Distance Microscope


Model KC VideoMax shown w/ Optional Aux Lens

Model KC VideoMax

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Model KC VideoMax InFocus Video Microscope

Containing Infinity’s R&D 100 award-winning InFocus system, the KC VideoMax has a working distance from infinity to 405mm (15.94 in.). With IF-Series objectives, the KC VideoMax can be used as close as 63mm (2.48 in.) at a magnification of 3.2x directly onto the CCD sensor (128x on 13-in. monitors). This magnification can be further increased with accessory amplifier tubes.

The KC VideoMax is a true long-distance microscope. It uses objectives with apertures greater than stereomicroscopes and virtually equivalent to compound laboratory-type microscopes—but at many times their working distances. It works like a regular compound laboratory microscope as well. The KC VideoMax can be equipped with a variable iris diaphragm (included in ST and SD models) to set the proper aperture for greatest contrast and resolution and to control light throughput with IF series objectives. Since the highest aperture at which objective can be used is not necessarily the best aperture to use, all laboratory microscopes (the KC VideoMax is no exception) function best when used at c.75% of their potential apertures. This is known as the “Nelson 3/4 rule” and only Infinity’s long-distance microscopes allow this principle to be utilized. Contrast must always be matched to resolution—and the KC VideoMax can do precisely that. Used properly, the KC VideoMax can provide results comparable to those of much larger catadioptic (mirror/lens) systems—at a fraction of their size and weight. That, not to mention that the KC VideoMax is a refractor (just like regular laboratory microscopes) which means that central obstructions are not imaged as distracting artifacts.

IF-Series Objectives
Model KC VideoMax ST Version shown with IF-Series Objective, optional Mounting Bar and T2 (F-Mount) for large formats.

Video Credit: “SLAM Mexico” www.corpslam.com
(Infinity Photo-Optical’s distributors for Mexico and Latin America).

But there is much more. Since the KC VideoMax Main Body is a true infinity-corrected microscope with built-in internal focusing, it can be used with supplemental microscope objectives beyond those for long-distance purposes. In fact, most of the world’s leading makes of infinity-corrected objectives can be used with it—literally to the potential limits of optical microscopy—in transmitted or coaxial (-epi) illumination!

Model KC VideoMax™ equipped with Achrovid Objective and Coaxial Illuminator with LED Light
Model KC VideoMax™ equipped with Achrovid Objective and Right Angle Coaxial Illuminator with LED

Although the standard KC VideoMax is supplied in a basic 30mm C-tube configuration, we now offer the KC VideoMax as a larger KC VideoMax ST—or its dual-port version, the KC VideoMax SD. The ST and SD versions can be equipped with accessories for larger formats and more advanced techniques.

Cinemaphotomacrography: The Model KC shown with ARRIFLEX mount.

The amazing KC VideoMax: Small—but powerful. Please see the PDFs for more details. Contact us for more information keyed to your specific application.

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