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Introducing PROXIMITY

In response to numerous requests, Infinity has developed a continuing series of video-dedicated lenses tailored to the requirements of imaging and machine vision applications.  Until now, imaging and machine vision specialists have had to “over-pay” for features and functionality they might not have necessarily wanted or needed or have been resigned to buy inferior optics in order to cut costs.

Proximity Series lenses invariably out-perform the typical lenses that have heretofore been used for routine inspection work.  Ideally suited for assembly-line, product/process monitoring and video imaging, Proximity lenses offer a level of performance never thought possible from such small instruments.


Depending on the application, Proximity lenses may or may not incorporate internal focusing. For those that do, most employ a new type of patented focusing system: the Dynamic Focusing System ( DFS™). Every Proximity lens is manufactured in the same facility as our main line of Infinity instruments and undergoes the same rigorous inspection and quality control.

Proximity lenses are the convenient, cost-effective, application-specific solutions for video and machine vision that engineers and systems integrators have been waiting for….