Infinity Photo-Optical Cinec Interview

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Cinec Show
September 22-24, 2018


Everything I said about the Apple presentation’s use of TS-160 and the new SFX-3 objective was my true understanding at the time. Only after I returned home was I informed that not ALL of the Cine done was performed with my lens. The watch was other-sourced. The iPhone section truly did use the TS-160 for imagery that perhaps no other lens could do, but some scenes utilized other lenses. I did not mean to make any kind of misrepresentation. I said what was to the best of my understanding true at the time and so I hope all is now clear.  The TS-160 was utilized but not for every scene and probably not for the watch section.  I regret the error.

Another discrepancy: The editors put up Avi Karpick’s (fantastic) work instead of Robert Laguna Ditleff’s. His video is also to be seen on our site. Avi and Roberto have been gracious about it. Roberto’s video is prominently shown on the Infinity Photo-Optical site,

By the way, the prototype lenses I mentioned possessing were obtained quite honestly. Back in 1971, I was assigned to test them. When B&L auctioned off their microscope inventory I bought them from the dealer who had won the bid.  So, after nearly 45 years, I once again held them in my hands.

Now, with all this said, I hope you will enjoy my comments.

H Jay Margolis