Proximity Series


Video/Machine Vision Lenses

The Simple Solution!

  • C-mount (CS-mount w/Optional 5mm Spacer)
  • 19 Magnification Choices
  • Four Working Distances
  • Primary Magnifications From 0.5x to 8.0x
  • Optional DL Doubler Multiplies All Magnifications by 2x
  • Ultra-compact/Low Weight


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Size: 123 KB   Updated: 12/01/2022
• Price List

With imagery second only to Infinity’s FM-50 and FM-75 of the InfiniTube Series, InfiniStix are the smallest Proximity Series application-specific video lenses. Nevertheless, they are capable of stunning imagery in their own right. The total selection of InfiniStix continues to expand as more and more applications are found. Each provides extraordinary image quality at a fixed magnification and field-of-view.

Simply choose the appropriate InfiniStix lens in steps ranging from 0.5x up to 6x, position it at the specified working distance (from 18mm, 44mm, 68mm or 94mm)—and you will automatically obtain the specified magnification and field-of-view. There’s no guesswork or fumbling with extension tubes, etc. All InfiniStix can be further amplified by 2x with an optional DL Doubler Tube. In addition, 21mm fiber optic ring lights can be attached with a simple step-up adapter. Compatible with all C-mount and CS-mount video cameras, InfiniStix are only 15mm in diameter.

InfiniStix is one of Infinity’s three compact micro lens offerings:

InfiniTube FM Series