Video-Dedicated Microscope Objectives

Suggested List Prices
Effective: April 5, 2021

The Achrovid Series is presently comprised of six long working distance microscope objectives which have been specifically designed for use with video sensors. Maximized for optimum Nelsonian™ contrast/resolution in video applications, Achrovid Objectives represent a significant improvement in high magnification video imaging. An intermediary lens system with 200mm focal length must be utilized with these infinity-corrected objectives (e.g., Infinity’s InfiniTube™, Model KC™, Model K2™ or Model K1™).

Achrovid Objectives are mounted in “M” Thread (26mm/Whitworth). Each Achrovid has a 30mm diameter front. This feature allows our #990171 Small Mounting Clamp to be used as an extra point for attachment.

Achrovid Objectives (infinity-corrected/f=200mm)

210301Achrovid 2x/Nelsonian® 0.054/ W.D. 37mm$450.00
210302Achrovid 2.5x/Nelsonian® 0.064/ W.D. 37mm$450.00
210303Achrovid 3.3x/Nelsonian® 0.077/ W.D. 37mm$450.00
210304Achrovid 4x/Nelsonian® 0.09/ W.D. 37mm$450.00
210305Achrovid 5x/Nelsonian® 0.12/ W.D. 37mm$450.00
210306Achrovid 10x/Nelsonian® 0.21/ W.D. 17.50mm$535.00
210307Achrovid 10x/High Resolution 0.28/ W.D. 17.30mm$655.00
990170Small Mounting Clamp (useful to secure around objective section)$95.00

Prices and specifications are FOB Centennial, CO and are subject to change without notice.
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