This is CentriTel®

The Opposite of Telecentric

There has never been anything like CentriTel!

The culmination of over twenty years of research and development, CentriTel is Infinity Photo-Optical’s trademark for an unprecedented optical achievement:  Internal focus without magnification change—from a fixed working distance.

In CentriTel mode, the progressive focus seems to “peel away” while the image remains centered and exactly where it was.  Now it is possible to choose a specific working distance and focus forward and back—without external movement—without magnification change—without changing the field of view.  In fact, CentriTel optics can be fixed—or “bolted”—onto robotic arms, built onto assembly lines—even built into production machines themselves.  Now, the instrument can come to the object—not the other way around—to easily make measurements that could not even be anticipated before.

Infinity’s CentriTel Instruments