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The Smart Lens™

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Capable of direct focus from infinity to 30mm, the InfiniMite optics are new additions to the PROXIMITY Series of application-specific anastigmatic video/machine vision lenses. Input from machine vision specialists was taken into consideration during the design and development of InfiniMite optics, resulting in truly innovative C/CS-mount video lenses with many unique features. Incorporating a patented Dynamic (internal) Focusing System ( DFS ), the InfiniMite optics always remain dimensionally stable. The InfiniMite DFS system provides continuous spherical correction with progressive proximity to the subject. This means that each InfiniMite improves its image quality where other lenses suffer aberrational defects. Once focused, each can be locked by a built-in locking device.

Each InfiniMite in it’s own right is called The Smart Lens.  This is because, at specific working distances each “finds” specific, repeatable magnifications—which can even be doubled to be specific, repeatable magnifications.   They’re the Smart Lenses for Smart Cameras!

InfiniMite Alpha

InfiniMite Alpha

was specifically designed to provide an optimum operating range and set of magnification options for 1/3-in. sensors commonly incorporated in smart-sensored video cameras. At specific points, InfiniMite “knows” it attains 0.25x, 0.50x and 0.75x. By adding a 2x Power Module Amplifier (DL or LDL Tube), InfiniMite can be used at 0.50x, 1x and 1.50x—without altering the original working distance. InfiniMite Alpha is also suited for sensors up to 1/2-in.

InfiniMite Beta

—aside from being 7mm longer, is identical to the Alpha and produces a similar magnification range—but with approximately 50% greater working distance at any given time. InfiniMite Beta is suited primarily for 1/2-in. sensors. Please refer to the magnification charts in the OEM Handbook (under Magnification Tables & Instruction Manual below) for specific details.

InfiniMite Beta
InfiniMite Gamma

InfiniMite Gamma

is primarily used with larger-sensored cameras. The longest working distance in the InfiniMite series. The InfiniMite Gamma is 20mm longer than the InfiniMite Beta and 27mm longer than the InfiniMite Alpha.