Presenting: The NELSONIAN® AWARDS for 2021


This award—a golden trophy MikroMak™ prime lens—is an accolade for meritorious and innovative use of Infinity’s unique Nelsonian® lens systems: optics which are designed upon microscopical principles, many of which date back to those proposed by Edward Milles Nelson.

Called by many “the English Abbe,” Nelson established criteria—which led future scientists such as F. Zernike to develop phase contrast and other devices—by observing anomalies in Abbe’s diffraction theory, such as “the invisible image.” We now honor his memory.

* 2021 has been a year truly without precedent. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, usual issuance of the 2021 Nelsonians® was unavoidably delayed.

This year’s recipients are:

Cameron Cannon –

For exemplary cine use of TS-160 Robusto™ demonstrating the convenience of its optical equivalence to traditional “focus-pulling” and documenting that in an exceptional online streaming video presentation.

Kyle Gilroy –

Winner’s Website

By utilizing MikroMak/RO™ for high speed image capture of a burning match and, more particularly, for its use to successfully document the Liedenfrost Effect in conjunction with state-of-the-art Vision Research/AMETEK Phantom cameras.

James Mathers –

Winner’s Website

For extensive trials of Nelsonian optics with many cameras and sensors, demonstrating their use to capture some of the finest imagery of bees and other subjects ever obtained, he then went on to utilize that knowledge to encourage some of the world’s leading cinematographers to investigate those characteristics in an exceptional online streaming video presentation. We are proud to present a 2021 Nelsonian Award to the founder of the Digital Cinema Society.

Steven Moses –

Winner’s Website

Ever looking to expand his craft, Moses investigated the use of the Nelsonians in tabletop and special effects cine. His use of the optical follow-focus was exemplary. In so doing, he achieved levels of creativity that now are formally recognized by this award.

Olivier Wolan –

One of the most accomplished macro photographers–particularly of precision watch movements from his native Switzerland, his utilization of the TS-160 Robusto™ established techniques which have extended the practical use of Nelsonian Optics.

Dealer Award

Infinity recognizes those who have exceptionally helped promote, disseminate and market its Nelsonian® optics. The Dealer Award is international in scope.

This year, we are proud to award it to:

Edmund Optics –

Winner’s Website

An optical industry legend in his own time, Robert Edmund received the Nelsonian® during the most recent SPIE meeting.
Shown: CEO and Chairman of the Board of Edmund Optics, Robert Edmund