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KX InfiniMax

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Effective: December 01, 2022

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The KX InfiniMax incorporates a unique “balanced” ConstantMag™ system that compensates the increase in magnification caused by closer focusing by a reciprocal counter-reduction in magnification within the internal focusing system itself. Consequently, KX InfiniMax provides magnification stability heretofore typically obtained only from telecentric lenses, yet with resolution second only to Infinity’s own Model K2 long-distance microscope. Due to its internal focusing, the KX InfiniMax’s outer dimensions remain exactly as originally configured. The KX InfiniMax is therefore ideally suited for high-resolution gauging/measuring applications.

Six MX-Series objectives attach to the KX InfiniMax Main Body to obtain six basic magnification choices. Ranging the KX InfiniMax’s focus provides virtually the same magnification regardless of working distance.

Directly, the KX InfiniMax can be used with video formats up to 2/3-in. With the Large Format Amplifier (LFA), the KX InfiniMax can be used with video and photo formats up to 24x36mm (35mm SLR cameras or very large video formats).

It is easy to order a KX InfiniMax suited to your needs. Simply choose the KX InfiniMax Main Body, Objectives and applicable accessories to configure a complete KX InfiniMax system.

KX InfiniMax Main Body

860160KX InfiniMax Main Body with Variable Iris Diaphragm$3,050.00

MX-Series Objectives

860171MX-1 (0.56x-0.98x; 590-303mm WD)$565.00
860172MX-2 (0.85x-1.28x; 383-233mm WD)$565.00
860173MX-3 (1.16x-1.60x; 254-170mm WD)$640.00
860174MX-4 (1.42x-1.83x; 223-160mm WD)$565.00
860175MX-5 (1.83x-2.13x; 168-127mm WD)$565.00
860176MX-6 (CONSTANT 4.27x; 75-60mm WD)$565.00


220568LDL Tube/2x (lockable for camera orientation)$340.00
690568DL Tube/2x (video only)$240.00
860180Large Format Amplifier (LFA). The LFA provides coverage for large format video and photo cameras up to and including the 24mm x 36mm (35mm SLR) Format. The LFA is the most convenient way to adapt large format cameras to the KC VideoMax.$730.00


770170Large Mounting Clamp$105.00
770171Mounting Bar$105.00
770507C-Mount Adapter$65.00
770509Orientable/Separable C-Mount Video Adapter$520.00
770510Spare C-Mount Top for 770509$240.00
770511Rotatable/Lockable C-mount$160.00
770565T2 Adapter — Canon EOS$30.00
770566T2 Adapter - Olympus$30.00
770568T2 Adapter — Nikon F Mount$30.00
860190M49 Filter Holder. Permits use of M49 photo-type filters on K1 CentriMax MX-1 to MX-5 Objectives.$85.00
860200Delrin Spacer. (Used with Large Mounting Clamp to Step-up from C-size Tube to T-size Tube)$40.00
990170Small Mounting Clamp (useful to secure around objective section)$105.00

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U.S. Patent 5,452,133. Additional U.S. and foreign patents pending and may apply.