Proximity™ Series:


InfiniFlex HD and XHD
Magnification Lenses

Suggested List Prices
Effective: December 01, 2022

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InfiniFlex HD imaging lenses are compact microscopes—similar to our own InfiniStix—but designed specifically for use with high resolution cameras. Simply choose one with the magnification most suited to your needs and attach it to any C-mount camera up to 2/3-in. format—to get the highest practical resolution this type of optic can provide, in most cases limited by the camera itself. A high aperture patent pending design assures unprecedented performance with cameras and sensors good enough to take advantage of such imagery presented to them. Excellent results can be achieved from using typical C-mount cameras to benefit from their specifications alone.

InfiniFlex Main Bodies

Flexibility for the magnification you want and HD for the resolution you need.

220200InfiniFlex HD 20mm W.D. / 2.00x/4.00x*/8.00x**$850.00
220210InfiniFlex HD PLAN 20mm W.D. / 2.00x/4.00x*/8.00x**$970.00
220250InfiniFlex HD 20mm W.D. / 2.50x/5.00x*/10.00x**$850.00
220300InfiniFlex HD 20mm W.D. / 3.00x/6.00x*/12.00x**$850.00
216400InfiniFlex XHD 16mm W.D. / 4.00x/8.00x*/16.00x**$1,030.00

*When supplemented by DL 2x Tube
**When supplemented by DS 4x Tube


670905CS-Mount Spacer (C5). Needed for CS-mount cameras only$35.00
690568DL Tube/2x (video only)$240.00
690669DS Tube (4x factor amplifier)$360.00
99116221mm Ring Light Adapter for InfiniStix$35.00

Prices and specifications are FOB Centennial, CO and are subject to change without notice.
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Patent Pending.