Proximity Series

InfiniTube™ Ultima

The World’s Most Advanced Research-grade Tube System

  • Infinity’s Most Sophisticated InFiniTube Systems for Virtually All Formats Used in Microscopy!
  • Three Specific Models Fully-corrected for:
    — STANDARD CORRECTION (S): Nikon CFI60™, Olympus UIS/UIS2™, Mitutoyo™, Edmund™ and Achrovid™
    — (Z) CORRECTION: Zeiss ICS
    — (L) CORRECTION: Leica HC/Delta
  • Works with ALL Infinity-Corrected Objectives
  • 9 Elements in 5 Groups (Zeiss and Leica Versions)
  • 8 Elements in 4 Groups (Standard Version)
  • Breadboard or Stand Mountable
  • Optional Coaxial Illumination/Fluorescence Techniques
  • Full Line of Accessories

InfiniTube Ultima

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The InFiniTube Ultima Series: Never before has there been anything like them.

Introducing InfiniTube Ultima: The sophisticated solution that is simple to use. We did it all by never making compromises ourselves: We took the optics and accessories of the 2-time R&D Award-winning InFocus™ and simplified the mounting so that the essential connective capabilities of InFocus are maintained. By putting these qualities into a Proximity Series product, the Ultima modules are more than connectors. They are part of an entire system for research and industrial applications sharing almost all of the InFocus accessories and components. Now, you can use almost any make or type of infinity-corrected microscope objectives to suit your most demanding requirements for experimentation or high magnification machine vision and be assured of optimal results. The Ultima Series now joins the FM-Series and Standard Series to complete Infinity’s Proximity Series offerings in microscope tube lens systems for each successive degree of utility.

Simply put, the InFiniTube Ultima Series are the most advanced InfiniTubes offered by Infinity Photo-Optical Company. There is an Ultima type that will allow you to connect cameras and sensors to whatever major brand of infinity-corrected microscope objective you choose—for unsurpassed application adaptability. Each Ultima module is designed to convey the image from microscope objectives to the sensor, acting as the tube lens in binocular observation tubes. However, unlike simple tube lenses, the Ultima maintains plan fields for even the largest formats used in microscopy.

The Main Body Module

The Ultima is a tubular device which belies the fact that it is composed internally of up to 9 Elements in 5 Groups. This makes it what we believe to be the world’s most sophisticated lens connector for high-powered microscope applications other than InFocus itself.

Some may not be aware that microscope manufacturers use proprietary means to optically correct their products for color (chromatic) and other aberrations. Indiscriminately using one make with another inevitably results in poor imagery. Consequently, the Ultima solves this problem by being available in three versions: STANDARD CORRECTION (S) for most brands and two others: (Z) CORRECTION for Zeiss ICS and (L) CORRECTION for Leica HC/Delta objectives. The Ultima Modules are more than connectors; they are actually more complex than the tube lenses made by major microscope makers themselves.

On each Ultima Module is a lever with counter-locking disc that allows a focus touch-up adjustment. On the bottom of each Ultima are mounting threads enabling connection to either a series of adapters for direct attachment to most major brand microscope stands or, alternatively, to breadboard/custom attachments for specific applications you can construct to suit your own needs.

In order to keep all of the Ultima versions the same dimension and accept the same accessories, they all function for 160mm tube length equivalency. Therefore, it is possible to mount any of the Ultima units next to another made to function with objectives of different make on the same machined jig or support. Since Zeiss ICS objectives use 160mm as their tube length, the Z version consequently has a 1x factor. The S version—when used with 180mm tube length Olympus UIS/UIS2 and 200mm tube length Nikon CFI60 and 200mm tube length Mitutoyo-type objectives—provides 0.88x and 0.80x, respectively. Likewise, the L version for 200mm Leica HC/Delta also has a 0.80x factor. This means that the engraved magnifications on objectives are multiplied by these respective factors, permitting you to choose different Ultima modules in concert with different makes to obtain fields and magnifications determined by the very choice of objective. Keeping all mechanical dimensions the same substantially simplifies the system options and allows using all accessories between the Ultima types. Nevertheless, if your work requires a 1x factor, the Ultima can be supplied elongated for that tube length at slight additional cost.

Coaxial and Fluorescence Illumination Options

The Ultima modules have been designed to accept an attachable Coaxial Illuminator which accepts adapters for various filters. A Right Angle attachment allows fiber optic or LED guides to be mounted vertically. The Coaxial Illuminator operates in the infinity beam and does not affect the optical corrections. Upon request, we can quote installation of dichroic beam splitters filters for techniques of your specification.

InfiniTube Ultima in breadboard configuration
Accessories include Coaxial Illumination

Using the Ultima

The Ultima is connected by a series of adapter options to virtually every camera/sensor type used in microscopy. It can be supplemented by amplifiers for additional magnification such as the DL 2x and NTX 2x Tubes. The NTX 2x can be used with all formats up to full-frame 35mm (24 x 36mm; 43mm diagonal) sensors whereas, the DL 2x is strictly for C-mount formats. An M62 Eyepiece Holder permits standard microscope eyepieces (non-compensating only, since all corrections are already made in the Ultima itself) to be used on top, allowing typical microscope projection techniques to be employed so that (technically) the Ultima can fill even large 8-in. x 10-in. sheet film formats (purists be assured!).

Parfocal Function and Absolute Infinity Setting

Actually, calling the Ultima “parfocal” is inadequate. The Ultima can be set for an essentially perfect infinity beam. Two or more objectives can be set to be focused the same. To do this with revolver-mounted objectives, first:

  1. Focus with a low-power objective (10x is recommended).
  2. Swing to a high-power objective (such as 40x or 60x).
  3. Focus mechanically with the high-power objective.
  4. Swing back to the low-power objective and, using the lock-ring lever adjustment, re-establish focus for the low-power objective.
  5. Swing back to the high-power objective and focus mechanically.
  6. Finally, swing back to the low-power objective and touch up focus with the lock-ring lever adjustment. Turn to lock.

The two objectives will now be set so that the same Z-depth (stratum) in the sample/specimen will be in common focus—significantly better than the original parfocal setting made by the microscope manufacturers.

Ultima shown with NTX 2x Amplifier

Touching-up Common Focus Between Modules

Many times, it is necessary to set two or more optics side-by-side on the same stand, jig or component—particularly in machine vision applications. The lock-ring lever adjustment can be used with low-power objectives to set a common focus—another advantage of the Ultima design.

Consider it an InFocus without User-activated Corrective Possibilities

Suggestions for InfiniTube Ultima configurations are in the PDF drawings. We believe the Ultima is the finest microscope tube lens connector that is primarily a tube lens connector. The only other system that goes beyond is Infinity’s InFocus which takes the optics of the Ultima into new realms of user-activated corrective possibilities. Let us advise you how the Ultima can make your research or vision requirements that much better. If you have any special needs or requests, please contact us.

InfiniTube Ultima is one of Infinity’s three microscope tube offerings:

InfiniTube FM-Series
InfiniTube Standard
InfiniTube Ultima

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