Presenting: The NELSONIAN® AWARDS for 2020


This award—a golden trophy MikroMak™ prime lens—is an accolade for meritorious and innovative use of Infinity’s unique Nelsonian® lens systems: optics which are designed upon microscopical principles, many of which date back to those proposed by Edward Milles Nelson.

Called by many “the English Abbe,” Nelson established criteria—which led future scientists such as F. Zernike to develop phase contrast and other devices—by observing anomalies in Abbe’s diffraction theory, such as “the invisible image.” We now honor his memory.

* 2020 has been a year truly without precedent. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, usual issuance of the 2020 Nelsonians® was unavoidably delayed.

This year’s recipients are:

Barry Bassett –

Winner’s Website

For the critical application of MikroMak lenses to macro photography and exploring their implications for cinematography.

Clay Bolt –

Winner’s Website

For investigating the applications of MikroMak and ROBUSTO TS-160 lenses
for entomological and biological photography, advancing the cause of conservation.

Paul Harcourt Davies –

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One of the world’s foremost authorities on macro photography, for using MikroMak lenses to levels of near perfection.

Nicholas DeSciosce –

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For advancing and demonstrating the multiple techniques derived from blending MikroMak lenses and light to produce profound story telling images.

Gregory Hollows –

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Vice-president of Edmund Optics who prepared and conceived innovative uses of MikroMak lenses for forced perspective cinematography.

Mark Payne-Gill –

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For demonstrating the sharp detail possible from MikroMak lenses for cinematography of natural subjects.

Scott Portingale –

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For capturing cine of wildlife and insects in stunning detail by being first to use the Lumix S1H in conjunction with MikroMak and ROBUSTO TS-160 lenses..

Dealer Award

Infinity recognizes those who have exceptionally helped promote, disseminate and market its Nelsonian® optics. The Dealer Award is international in scope.

This year, we are proud to award it to:

SLAM / Jorge Villanueva –

Winner’s Website

SLAM’s expertise is renowned in the scientific, audiovisual, cinema and industrial markets. Shown: CEO and Founder of SLAM Solutions, Jorge Villaneuva