InfiniProbe™ C-Mount

Video Microscopes

Incredible Video Imaging!

  • THREE Magnification Range Models: 0-2.5x, 0-3.2x and 0-8x PRIMARY Power On-sensor.
  • Available in STRAIGHT or 90-Degree Versions.
  • For All C-mount Cameras/sensors to 2/3-in. Format
  • Focus Ranges From Infinity to as Close as 18mm.
  • Now Available in UV Versions.
InfiniProbes S-25, S-32 and S-80

InfiniProbe C-Mount

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Do not confuse the InfiniProbe C-Mount Series with “toy” lenses. The world-class InfiniProbes are true microscopes—with diffraction-limited performance. They provide results comparable to images from the finest laboratory microscopes, are built to withstand industrial uses and can be fixtured with cameras/sensors of your choosing.

InfiniProbe Visible Series

The InfiniProbes are an ENTIRE LINE of patented continuously-focusable video microscopes—unique in all the world. There is only one other continuously-focusable video microscope that has greater capabilities than any of the InfiniProbe C-Mount Series: Infinity’s own InfiniProbe TS-160 Universal . Nevertheless, within their price/performance envelopes, the InfiniProbe Series have no equals.

Focus anywhere from infinity on down and see detail and resolution grow as the magnification continuously increases. Unlike any other world-class video microscope (except our own InfiniProbe TS-160), you can monitor magnification, field of view and depth of field to get the exact image you want—by focusing from the most pleasing vantage point. Then, a specific detail may be zeroed-in at truly microscopical magnifications. Put in terms of a 1/2-in. format video camera and 13-in. monitor, this means that the InfiniProbes provide continuous magnification from 0 to c.100x, 0 to c.130x, 0 to c.200x and 0 to c.400x—depending on the model chosen. By simply adding a 2x DL or LDL (lockable on to the camera), magnification can be DOUBLED, maintaining the same focusing ranges as before. All InfiniProbes are available as 90-degree versions for special requirements. (See table below for specific details on ALL of the models).

InfiniProbe S-32

InfiniProbe UV Series

In addition to the visible wavelength InfiniProbes, we offer the S-32 and S-80 in UV versions. Like their visible wavelength stablemates, the S-32 UV and S-80 UV InfiniProbes are also available as N-32 and N-80 right-angle models. UV-sensored cameras up to 2/3-in. format may be used. Although the characteristics of InfinProbe UV Series differ slightly from their visible counterparts due to design considerations, their use is eactly the same. A DL-UV amplifier provides for all ranges to be maintained, while doubling magnification at any chosen working distance.

InfiniProbe S-80 UV

InfiniProbe N Series

InfiniProbe N Series

All models are also available in right-angle versions.

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