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Effective: December 01, 2022

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InfiniGage: The lens that is as precise as YOU want it to be! All the work has been done for you: forget about “formulas” or “experiments.” Forget about having to choose from hundreds of possible lenses—all with different characteristics. Forget about never being sure of your setup. InfiniGage is the SINGLE lens that let’s you get accurate gauging results—SIMPLY.

The InfiniGage Main Lens Body mates with seven Precision Spacers for SEVEN magnification/working distance choices. You can set InfiniGage PRECISELY to each magnification, lock that in place—and be ready to make accurate measurements. Or, simply get stunning images on your machine vision setup.

You can even put 11.8mm to 12.5mm diameter filters INSIDE InfiniGage (110110) for polarization or color analysis without changing outer dimensions (once selected). All filters can then be locked in place with an accessory retainer. Each InfiniGage can be doubled in magnification by simply adding a DL Doubler Tube and, if you wish, secured by the Small Mounting Clamp. That’s IT! Being a machine vision EXPERT was never so EASY!

InfiniGage Main Lens Bodies

110110InfiniGage Main Lens Body (1/4-in. to 2/3-in. C/CS-mount formats)$525.00
110115InfiniGage UV Main Lens Body (1/4-in. to 2/3-in. C/CS-mount formats)$760.00
110116InfiniGage CW Main Lens Body (1/4-in. to 1/2-in. C/CS-mount formats).$695.00

Precision Spacers for InfiniGage

1101250.125x Precision Spacer$65.00
1102500.25x Precision Spacer$65.00
1103300.33x Precision Spacer$65.00
1105000.50x Precision Spacer$65.00
1106600.66x Precision Spacer$65.00
1107500.75x Precision Spacer$65.00
1101001.00x Precision Spacer$65.00
110111InfiniGage Precision Spacers (Set of Seven)$365.00

Precision Spacers for InfiniGage CW

1102800.28x CW Precision Spacer$65.00
1105010.50x CW Precision Spacer$65.00
1107510.75x CW Precision Spacer$65.00
1109000.90x CW Precision Spacer$65.00
1111001.10x CW Precision Spacer$65.00
1112501.25x CW Precision Spacer$65.00
1116001.60x CW Precision Spacer$65.00
110112InfiniGage CW Precision Spacers (Set of Seven)$365.00

Accessories and Adapters

690568DL Tube/2x (video only)$240.00
690668DL-UV Tube/2x$600.00
750417Retainer for ø11.8 to ø12.5mm Filters$35.00
990170Small Mounting Clamp (useful to secure around objective section)$105.00

Prices and specifications are FOB Centennial, CO and are subject to change without notice.
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