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Effective: December 01, 2022

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Dynamic Focusing

The Dynamic (Internal) Focusing System (DFS) in the InfiniMini automatically sets the best image for you. As you focus, the DFS does all the “figuring” for you. At any working distance—at any magnification. They’re about as compact as can be. They never change their length. All can be motorized.

Our DFS lenses may cost a bit more. But—besides better imagery—how much is your time worth? Not to mention getting your job done quicker and easier. Compare them with any other manufacturer’s offerings. They are different.

The difference between the Alpha and Beta models is that the Beta produces the same magnification as the Alpha, but with approximately 50% greater working distance at any given time. Likewise, the difference between the Beta and Gamma models is that, with the exception of its starting magnification, the Gamma produces the same magnification as the Beta, but with approximately 50% greater working distance at any given time. Consequently the three models represent steps in a progression of “smart magnifications”. Please refer to the magnification charts for specific details.

There’s an InfiniMini that solves your vision problem listed below. Call us for special requirements.

Choose an InfiniMini Main Body and Converter to configure a complete InfiniMini Lens. The InfiniMini you select will be supplied as a completely assembled unit.

InfiniMini Main Bodies

250120InfiniMini Main Body with 360° fine focus adjustment$1,095.00

Converters for Main Bodies

251100Standard Converter (Regular)$275.00
251102Standard Converter (Lockable)$375.00
251104Standard Converter (w/Variable Iris Diaphragm)$525.00
251106Standard Converter (Lockable w/Variable Iris Diaphragm)$640.00
251120IF Converter (Regular)$275.00
251122IF Converter (Lockable)$375.00
251124IF Converter (w/Variable Iris Diaphragm)$525.00
251126IF Converter (Lockable w/Variable Iris Diaphragm)$640.00
251140SF Converter (Regular)$275.00
251142SF Converter (Lockable)$375.00
251160WA Converter (Regular)$275.00
251162WA Converter (Lockable)$375.00
251180RA/STD Converter (Right-angled version of Standard Converter)$850.00
251182RA/IF Converter (Right-angled version of IF Converter)$850.00


690568DL Tube/2x (video only)$240.00
220568LDL Tube/2x (lockable for camera orientation)$340.00
220569LDS 4x Power Module Amplifier (lockable for camera orientation)$410.00

IF-Series Objectives (infinity-corrected).

991106IF-3 Objective (1.0x; 195mm W.D.)$396.00
991107IF-3.5 Objective (2.0x; 95mm W.D.)$396.00
991108IF-4 Objective (2.66x; 70mm W.D.)$396.00

Accessories and Adapters

991158Basic Coaxial Illuminator w/ Collector I (for use with low power objectives)$1,090.00
670905CS-Mount Spacer (C5). Needed for CS-mount cameras only$35.00
211105NR (Near-range) Spacer. Sets InfiniMini to a range of 110mm to 240mm and to 0.5x primary magnification at closest focus.$55.00
211107SR (Near-range) Spacer and reference ring. For use with InfiniMini Models already equipped with RA/STD Converters. Sets InfiniMini to a range of 110mm to 240mm and to 0.5x primary magnification at closest focus.$110.00
21110666mm Fiber Optic Ring Light Adapter$240.00
21111028mm Fiber Optic Ring Light Adapter and Extender$65.00
21111230mm F.O. Ring Light Adapter, Extender and Filter Holder (Ø25mm)$120.00
991167Polarizing Filter and Retainer$260.00
990170Small Mounting Clamp (useful to secure around objective section)$105.00

Prices and specifications are FOB Centennial, CO and are subject to change without notice.
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U.S. Patent 5,452,133. Additional U.S. and foreign patents may apply.