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Effective: December 01, 2022

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InfiniTube FM-Series Main Bodies. All InfiniTube FM-Series Main Bodies are designed for use with infinity-corrected objectives only. All FM-Series InfiniTubes incorporate Internal Focusing Capability adjustments and may be used with Infinity Photo-Optical objectives or with Mitutoyo, Nikon or Olympus objectives. The FM-100 is designed for very small camera sensors (e.g., 1/4-in.) or for use with a DL 2x Amplifier, thereby constructing a compact 200 mm standard power system. The FM 200 is the choice for direct use with all objectives at standard microscopical magnifications. When used with equivalent of 200mm, the FM-Series covers up to 2/3-in. sensors.

The PL-Series Objectives (see below) provide extraordinary images at lower cost than traditional microscope objectives. When used with PL-Series Objectives, the FM-50 has a 1x factor, the FM-75 has a 1.5x factor, the FM-100 has a 2x factor and the FM-200 has a 4x factor. In such cases, the engraved magnification of the PL Objective is multiplied by those respective factors.

Please select the Main Body most appropriate to your needs.

210235InfiniTube FM-50 Main Body$675.00
210237InfiniTube FM-75 Main Body$730.00
210220InfiniTube FM-100 Main Body w/internal focus$730.00
210222InfiniTube FM-200 Main Body w/internal focus$730.00

Accessories and Adapters

991168Mini Coaxial Illuminator w/LM Collector. (for use with objectives up to 10x)$730.00
991169Mini Coaxial Illuminator w/ HM Collector. (for use with objectives 10x and higher)$730.00
991173LM Collector (for use with up to objectives 10x)$120.00
991174HM Collector (for use with objectives 10x and higher)$120.00
991164991164 Right Angle Front (for use w/PL Ultra Short Objective)$710.00
224000Connector for 991164 and Mini Coaxial Illuminator. Allows 90° use of InfiniTube FM with Coaxial Illumination.$65.00
670905CS-Mount Spacer (C5). Needed for CS-mount cameras only$35.00
991127Achrovid Objective Adapter (also suitable for Mitutoyo)$95.00
991147Achrovid Objective Long Mount Adapter (also suitable for Mitutoyo) — Primarily for use with 2x Objectives$95.00
991128RMS Objective Adapter (e.g., Olympus)$95.00
991129Nikon CFI60 Objective Adapter$95.00
990170Small Mounting Clamp (useful to secure around objective section)$105.00
770170Large Mounting Clamp$105.00
770171Mounting Bar$105.00
860200Delrin Spacer. (Used with Large Mounting Clamp to Step-up from C-size Tube to T-size Tube)$40.00

PL-Series Objectives (NO Adapter required—attach directly to FM-Series Main Body)

224114PL-14mm W.D. (2.50x w/FM-50; 3.75x w/FM-75; 5.00x w/FM-100; 10.00x w/FM-200)$365.00
224118PL-18mm W.D. (2.00x w/FM-50; 3.00x w/FM-75; 4.00x w/FM-100; 8.00x w/FM-200)$240.00
224018PL-18mm W.D./2.00x Ultra-short Mount for 90-degree models$240.00
224135PL-35mm W.D. (1.25x w/FM-50; 1.875x w/FM-75; 2.50x w/FM-100; 5.00x w/FM-200)$240.00
224144PL-44mm W.D. (1.00x w/FM-50; 1.50x w/FM-75; 2.00x w/FM-100; 4.00x w/FM-200)$240.00
224044PL-44mm W.D./1.00x Ultra-short Mount for Right Angle Front (991163)$240.00
224155PL-55mm W.D. (0.83x w/FM-50; 1.25x w/FM-75; 1.65x w/FM-100; 3.3x w/FM-200)$240.00
224168PL-68mm W.D. (0.66x w/FM-50; 1.00x w/FM-75; 1.33x w/FM-100; 2.66x w/FM-200)$240.00
224068PL-68mm W.D./0.66x Ultra-short Mount for Right Angle Front (991163)$240.00
224194PL-94mm W.D. (0.50x w/FM-50; 0.75x w/FM-75; 1.00x w/FM-100; 2.00x w/FM-200)$240.00
224094PL-94mm W.D./0.50x Ultra-short Mount for Right Angle Front (991163)$240.00
210195PL/FD-195mm W.D. (0.25x w/FM-50; 0.375x w/FM-75; 0.50x w/FM-100; 1.00x w/FM-200)$365.00
210295PL/FD-295mm W.D. (0.167x w/FM-50; 0.25x w/FM-75; 0.33x w/FM-100; 0.66x w/FM-200)$365.00
210390PL/FD-390mm W.D. (0.125x w/FM-50; 0.188x w/FM-75; 0.25x w/FM-100; 0.50x w/FM-200)$365.00

Achrovid™ Nelsonian™ Objectives (infinity-corrected/f=200mm)—#991127 Adapter or
#991147 Adapter for 2x Objective required.

210301Achrovid 2x/Nelsonian® 0.054/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210302Achrovid 2.5x/Nelsonian® 0.064/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210303Achrovid 3.3x/Nelsonian® 0.077/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210304Achrovid 4x/Nelsonian® 0.09/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210305Achrovid 5x/Nelsonian® 0.12/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210306Achrovid 10x/Nelsonian® 0.21/ W.D. 17.50mm$595.00


690568DL Tube/2x (video only)$240.00
220568LDL Tube/2x (lockable for camera orientation)$340.00
220569LDS 4x Power Module Amplifier (lockable for camera orientation)$410.00

Prices and specifications are FOB Centennial, CO and are subject to change without notice.
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