INFINITY Products are sold throughout the world from headquarters in Centennial, Colorado U.S.A. All warranty and sales support outside of the EU and parts of Europe are conducted from the U.S.A. and carry the U.S.A. warranty. Some authorized U.S.A.-based dealers sell into the EU and Europe directly or to their own affiliates. The U.S.A. warranty is then honored. Items purchased under the U.S.A. warranty must ultimately be serviced by Infinity Photo-Optical in Centennial, Colorado U.S.A., the responsible entity. Details of the U.S.A. warranty are below.


In the EU and parts of Europe, INFINITY Products are sold by and from its own affiliate, Infinity Photo-Optical GmbH, Goettingen, Germany. All warranty and technical support matters directly related to sales from Infinity Photo-Optical GmbH and its appointed dealers are conducted from within the EU and carry the EU-Europe warranty. Items purchased under the EU-Europe warranty must ultimately be serviced by Infinity Photo-Optical GmbH in Goettingen, Germany, the responsible entity. Details of the EU warranty are available from Infinity Photo-Optical GmbH.


INFINITY PHOTO-OPTICAL COMPANY hereby warrants its products to be free from defects in workmanship or materials for the warranty period set forth below. INFINITY PHOTO-OPTICAL COMPANY, at its option, shall repair or replace the defective product without cost to the purchaser, and such repair or replacement shall be the full extent of this express limited warranty. INFINITY PHOTO-OPTICAL COMPANY shall not be liable for any other damages either direct or consequential.

This warranty is made to the original purchaser, and is effective only on new equipment purchased from INFINITY PHOTO-OPTICAL COMPANY, or a dealer authorized by INFINITY PHOTO-OPTICAL COMPANY to sell the product.

This warranty is valid only when the product is returned to the authorized dealer from whom it was purchased, or returned directly to INFINITY PHOTO-OPTICAL COMPANY, freight prepaid, with proof of date of purchase.

This warranty does not extend to any defect, malfunction or failure caused by misuse, abuse or the use of the product with equipment for which it may not have been intended. Any unauthorized repair voids this warranty.

The warranty period for all products manufactured by INFINITY PHOTO-OPTICAL COMPANY is five (5) years from date of original purchase. Parts or components made or sourced from other manufacturers shall be solely covered by that manufacturer’s warranty.

The warranty contained herein is the only warranty made by INFINITY PHOTO-OPTICAL COMPANY. Any implied warranty of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose is expressly excluded from this warranty. INFINITY PHOTO-OPTICAL COMPANY shall not be liable for any expense, loss, incidental or consequential damages which may arise in connection with the use of this equipment. Recovery under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the equipment as provided above.

INFINITY PHOTO-OPTICAL COMPANY reserves the right to modify designs, equipment and accessories without notice.