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KC VideoMax

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Effective: December 01, 2022

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The New KC VideoMax Main Body includes Mounting Clamp and 12mm Spacer which can be exchanged with optional Variable Iris Diaphragm (see below). This new model incorporates an Internal Focusing Ring Lock. The KC VideoMax is itself a C-mount system and does not require any further adaptation unless large format accessories are utilized (ST and SD models).

Main Body

991260KC VideoMax (S) Main Body, focusing directly from infinity to 965mm with S Front, Small Mounting Clamp$2,675.00
991280KC VideoMax (ST) Main Body with S Front, Larger version with T-size tubes, Large Mounting Clamp, and Variable Iris Diaphragm. Does not include camera mount adapter$3,025.00
991290KC VideoMax (SD) Dual Port Main Body with S Front, with Mirror Diverter, Delrin Tripod Spacer, and Variable Iris Diaphragm. Does not include camera mount adapter (see below).$4,565.00

Z Front

990600Replaces S Front for use with Zeiss ICS Objectives$590.00

Auxiliary Lens

991266Auxiliary Lens. Allows KC VideoMax to focus from 940mm to 405mm$185.00

Amplifiers (C-mount Types—see Large Format Accessories for other formats)

690568DL Tube/2x (video only)$240.00
220568LDL Tube/2x (lockable for camera orientation)$340.00
220569LDS 4x Power Module Amplifier (lockable for camera orientation)$410.00


991135Tele-Tube/C (0.5x)$460.00

IF-Series Objectives (infinity-corrected)

991102IF-1 Objective (0.5x; 390mm W.D.)$396.00
991104IF-2 Objective (0.66x; 295mm W.D.)$396.00
991106IF-3 Objective (1.0x; 195mm W.D.)$396.00
991107IF-3.5 Objective (2.0x; 95mm W.D.)$396.00
991108IF-4 Objective (2.66x; 70mm W.D.)$396.00

Achrovid™ Nelsonian™ Objectives (infinity-corrected/f=200mm)

210301Achrovid 2x/Nelsonian® 0.054/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210302Achrovid 2.5x/Nelsonian® 0.064/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210303Achrovid 3.3x/Nelsonian® 0.077/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210304Achrovid 4x/Nelsonian® 0.09/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210305Achrovid 5x/Nelsonian® 0.12/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210306Achrovid 10x/Nelsonian® 0.21/ W.D. 17.50mm$595.00

Coaxial Illumination Systems and Accessories

991158Basic Coaxial Illuminator w/ Collector I (for use with low power objectives)$1,090.00
991159Basic Coaxial Illuminator w/ Collector II (for use with objectives 10x and higher)$1,090.00
991167Polarizing Filter and Retainer$260.00
991170Collector I (to convert units that have Collector II)$290.00
991172Collector II (to convert units that have Collector I)$290.00
992258Basic Coaxial Illuminator w/ LED Flashlight$1,165.00
992259Basic Coaxial Illuminator Right Angle w/ LED Flashlight$1,795.00
992270Collector for LED Flashlight (extra)$290.00
992271LED Flashlight for Coaxial Illuminator$35.00
992283Right Angle Interface for Coaxial Illuminator. Converts Standard into RA Type$675.00

General Accessories

770514Beam-Splitter C-mount (50/50) for two cameras. Replaces C96.$725.00
770516Visual Side Port Eyepiece Holder$360.00
770517Right-Angle Tube. Replaces C-96 Tube to bend KC 90° relative to camera.$850.00
990170Small Mounting Clamp (useful to secure around objective section)$105.00
991125RMS Objective Adapter (use infinity-corrected type)$85.00
991130Achrovid Objective Adapter (M26 thread—also suitable for Mitutoyo)$85.00
991131Nikon CFI60 Objective Adapter (M25 thread)$85.00
991152Filter Holder/Retainer for 25mm Æ scientific grade filters$95.00
991155Small Variable Iris Diaphragm$240.00

Large Format Accessories (all Amplifiers except LFA require Step-up Adapters on Model KC VideoMax)

3125175x Eyepiece (multi-coated)$85.00
31251810x Widefield Eyepiece with High Eyepoint$105.00
770170Large Mounting Clamp$105.00
770171Mounting Bar$105.00
770507C-Mount Adapter$65.00
770509Orientable/Separable C-Mount Video Adapter$520.00
770510Spare C-Mount Top for 770509$240.00
770511Rotatable/Lockable C-mount$160.00
770530T30 Tube (30mm spacer)$65.00
770565T2 Adapter — Canon EOS$30.00
770566T2 Adapter - Olympus$30.00
770568T2 Adapter — Nikon F Mount$30.00
770571ArriFlex PL Mount Adapter (with locking screws)$185.00
770572PL Mount Cap$45.00
770662M62 Eyepiece Holder Tube (Does not include Eyepiece)$105.00
771054UNIPAR-Vid (0.2x factor w/10x E.P.–video only)$600.00
771055UNIPAR/T30 Adapter with 0.3x optical system. (must be used with eyepiece)$600.00
860180Large Format Amplifier (LFA). The LFA provides coverage for large format video and photo cameras up to and including the 24mm x 36mm (35mm SLR) Format. The LFA is the most convenient way to adapt large format cameras to the KC VideoMax.$730.00
860200Delrin Spacer. (Used with Large Mounting Clamp to Step-up from C-size Tube to T-size Tube)$40.00
890177Mirror Diverter Package. Converts single-port K2 DistaMax or KC VideoMax into a dual-port.$1,620.00
990223NTX Tube 2x$520.00
991259Step-up adapter for KC VideoMax large format$105.00

Stereo Stand Adapters (Interface step-up adapter and camera mount)

691616Adapter for Olympus Stereomicroscope Stands$165.00
691618Adapter for Nikon, Olympus, Edmund, Zeiss, and Leica Ø75.75mm Stands$165.00
691620Adapter for Unitron Stereomicroscope Stands Ø81.80mm$165.00
691622Adapter for Meiji Stereomicroscope Stands Ø84mm$165.00

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