InfiniTube Ultima

InfiniTube™ Ultima

Microscope Tube Lens Systems


Suggested List Prices
Effective: December 01, 2022

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InfiniTube Main Bodies

880502InfiniTube Ultima Main Body for Nikon/Olympus/Mitutoyo$1,920.00
880504InfiniTube Ultima Main Body for Zeiss ICS$1,920.00
880506InfiniTube Ultima Main Body for Leica HC/Delta$1,920.00


690568DL Tube/2x (video only)$240.00
990223NTX Tube 2x$520.00
771055UNIPAR/T30 Adapter with 0.3x optical system. (must be used with eyepiece)$600.00

Photo/Video Adapters

770507C-Mount Adapter$65.00
770509Orientable/Separable C-Mount Video Adapter$520.00
770510Spare C-Mount Top for 770509$240.00
770511Rotatable/Lockable C-mount$160.00
770565T2 Adapter — Canon EOS$30.00
770566T2 Adapter - Olympus$30.00
770568T2 Adapter — Nikon F Mount$30.00
770571ArriFlex PL Mount Adapter (with locking screws)$185.00
770572PL Mount Cap$45.00

Microscope Stand Adapters

770492Stand Adapter for Olympus$240.00
770494Stand Adapter for Zeiss Axio$240.00
770495Stand Adapter for Zeiss Standard (with Spacer)$297.00
770496Stand Adapter for Nikon$240.00
770498Stand Adapter for Leica$240.00

Note: Other Stand Adapters are available on request.


3125175x Eyepiece (multi-coated)$85.00
31251810x Widefield Eyepiece with High Eyepoint$105.00
770170Large Mounting Clamp$105.00
770171Mounting Bar$105.00
770512T12 Tube$65.00
770524T24 Tube (24mm spacer)$65.00
770536T-36 Tube (particularly useful for larger than 24mm sensors)$65.00
770558T58 Tube$65.00
770662M62 Eyepiece Holder Tube (Does not include Eyepiece)$105.00

Microscope Objective Holder and Options

770518M27 Adapter (Allows Microscope Objective Adapters below to connect to the Ultima)$85.00
991125RMS Objective Adapter (use infinity-corrected type)$85.00
991130Achrovid Objective Adapter (M26 thread—also suitable for Mitutoyo)$85.00
991131Nikon CFI60 Objective Adapter (M25 thread)$85.00

Achrovid™ Nelsonian™ Objectives (infinity-corrected/f=200mm)

210301Achrovid 2x/Nelsonian® 0.054/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210302Achrovid 2.5x/Nelsonian® 0.064/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210303Achrovid 3.3x/Nelsonian® 0.077/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210304Achrovid 4x/Nelsonian® 0.09/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210305Achrovid 5x/Nelsonian® 0.12/ W.D. 37mm$495.00
210306Achrovid 10x/Nelsonian® 0.21/ W.D. 17.50mm$595.00

Coaxial Illuminator Systems and Accessories

991170Collector I (to convert units that have Collector II)$290.00
991172Collector II (to convert units that have Collector I)$290.00
991158Basic Coaxial Illuminator w/ Collector I (for use with low power objectives)$1,090.00
991159Basic Coaxial Illuminator w/ Collector II (for use with objectives 10x and higher)$1,090.00
992258Basic Coaxial Illuminator w/ LED Flashlight$1,165.00
992259Basic Coaxial Illuminator Right Angle w/ LED Flashlight$1,795.00
992283Right Angle Interface for Coaxial Illuminator. Converts Standard into RA Type$675.00
992270Collector for LED Flashlight (extra)$290.00
992271LED Flashlight for Coaxial Illuminator$35.00
991167Polarizing Filter and Retainer$260.00

Prices and specifications are FOB Centennial, CO and are subject to change without notice.
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U.S. Patent 7,869,139. Additional patents pending