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Three DPs explore micro / macro cinematography with Infinity lenses.


Bill Bennett, ASC, James Mathers and Cameron Cannon photograph and shoot video with a variety of shots in order to evaluate the technology.


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MikroMak™ Prime Probe Lenses

Lab Quality MICRO in a LENS that

Focuses to Infinity and

Keeps Most Everything In Focus.

Introducing MikroMak Prime Probe Lenses



A “NEW LOOK?” Surely that.  But even more: a new expressive tool that unlocks unexplored vistas of creativity.

You are a photographer/cinematographer commanding a new kind of lens. As if to have the sight of a new kind of eye.

You are using a MikroMak and the rest of the story is now only yours to tell….

MikroMak / RO™ Lens
MikroMak / RO™ Lens


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These superb photos were taken by Nicholas DeSciose with the 90mm MikroMak.  Those that show falloff and bokeh change were done with the 40mm PetzVex™ MikroMak.

Some incredible cine was done by Scott Portingale at the request of Panasonic’s Mathew Frazer with the new Lumix S1H mirrorless camera.

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Nothing else is a MikroMak Prime Probe Lens

The Ultimate Micro/Macro Primes

Whether you are a naturalist, into special effects, expert in product and industrial Cine—or an artist capable of pulling off the shoot nobody thought possible, you still need a tool.  A sculptor goes nowhere without a chisel.  MikroMak Primes are incredible photo/cine tools too light and compact not to be found in their toolbox—your kit bag.  And too versatile not to be in your studio or lab.

These primes are so small, compact and light in weight that you won’t hesitate to take them with you.  Having even one is insurance against coming up against a challenge other same focal length primes can’t handle.  And, functioning as they do on a unique patent-pending design, they truly open up the other side of your creativity.

A New Approach

How often have you wished to get in close and pull back in the same take?  How often have the results of your imagination been frustrated by simply not having a lens that could fulfill your insight?

The 125mm MikroMak in action on a Lumix S1H camera

MikroMak Primes let you go forward from micro to macro, from wide field to infinity with amazing clarity and depth of focus.  So, if you need a macro, why not choose one designed primarily for macro and more?  That is MikroMak.

A MikroMak is unique because it is special and special because it is unique.  It works on Nelsonian® design—on principles coming out of microscope tech.  It was E M Nelson (the so-called “British Abbe”) who determined that there is only one exact setting by which microscopes work most exactly, the eponymous Nelson Point.

And so—uniquely—each MikroMak is tuned to its “Nelson.”  Literally, each is “the best it can be.”

The Answer: Micro Tech

The application of micro tech infuses each MikroMak with its own mathematical magnification progression.  You choose the MikroMak best suited for the shoot by referring to the Instruction manual with its tables in the gray box below.  There, you will see the focal lengths of the five MikroMak Primes:  125mm, 90mm, 70mm, 50mm and 40mm.  Next, consider whether you need more magnification than field of view or the opposite.  Finally, consider the working distance at which that happens.  You have just utilized the fact that each MikroMak has its own specific operational curve and found the best one to use for the shoot.  It is as easy as that.

Convenient Use

Only using a MikroMak can be easier.  Once mounted on the camera of your choice, a slight turn of the knurled focus ring sets MikroMak to infinity.  Remarkably, almost everything except the very closest subjects will be in focus.  Then, even those can be focused upon to automatically activate the micro/macro functions.  You will then be able to focus continuously to whatever is the highest magnification at the closest working distance characteristic of the focal length chosen.  Go ahead and shoot!

Taking Advantage of Sensor Tech

MikroMak itself is the result of a new wave in lens and camera technology because it takes advantage of today’s sensor tech.  Consider that in the 1950’s color film generally was ISO 25.  Today, cameras worthy of MikroMak have near noiseless performance out to 25,000 ISO and even more.  This is a revolution initiated by the camera makers themselves—and MikroMak takes advantage of it.  You can set your ISO reasonably high.  Not only can you, you should because MikroMak is a maximized Nelson Point microscope; it’s sharpness even tends to counter slight residual noise.

And just like all other compound microscopes, it’s image is inverted.  (We have to mention this so as not to surprise you).  But any camera worthy of mounting a MikroMak almost invariably has a switch to flip the image as do accessory monitors of all kinds.  Flip—and you are set:  no problem.  MikroMak is as optically pure as the best laboratory microscope.  That also kept length and weight to a minimum.  It is anything but cumbersome and elongated.

And MikroMak is more accessorize-able than perhaps any other prime.  Although complete simply as-is, we still put a system behind it.

The Universal Adapter (UA) fits over the front probe and has 49mm threads allowing a vast array of filter holders, filters and lighting units to be attached, commonly available from photo/cine suppliers.  A 49mm Filter Holder mounts to the UA, as do Stereo Microscope Stand Adapters.  (a selection for most all makes, they permit you to work in the field, come back to lab or studio and continue use on the microscope stand of your choice).  There’s even an 80mm disc for use with the UA and ARRI type light boxes.  Further accessories such as mounting clamps, matched 2x multipliers, etc., open even more possible avenues for expression.

How to Choose the Right MikroMak

There are three primary “weightings” of MikroMak performance.

Choose from among the following MikroMak types:

Long Focal/High Magnification:
The longest three focal lengths (125mm, 90mm and 70mm provide highest micro and macro magnifications. Marked:
125mm:  0-5.5x
90mm:   0-6.0x
70mm:   0-5.5x

Wide Field/Macro
The 50mm and 40mm provide wider field images with moderate macro magnifications.   The 40mm accepts a Wide Field Expander to convert to 25mm
50mm:  0-1.75x
40mm:  0-2.0x
(w/25mm Expander:  0-1.0x)

PetzVex™ Wide Field/ Macro Special Effects
(for Full Format):
The 50mm and 40mm focal lengths have deliberate outer field falloff similar to the “look” of the Petzval Type,
though formulated differently.  These special effects lenses otherwise function as the standard types.
50mm P:  0-1.5x
40mm P:  0-1.75x

The PetzVex™ LOOK!

The PetzVex lenses are a new way to expression, emulating some of the LOOK of the ancient Petzval type but in an optic out of modernity. A “Petzval” look with extreme depth of field and macro. In some ways the same and in other ways very different. In a word: unique—PetzVex.

Photos taken with PetzVex MikroMak lenses speak for themselves, showing central sharpness and deliberate progressive falloff to the outer image field with bokeh changes. A perfect triad, the artistic now blends into the creatively expressive by means of technical innovation….

Here, Nicholas DeSciose has compiled some brilliant expressions of this technique:

MikroMak / RO™ Lens



Infinity to 20mm
0-3.5x/0-1.00x (wide 55mm) with UNEQUALED lab micro quality.

Most All Mounts
c.6 inches long
c.8.5 ounces

ONE LENS—BOTH 120mm AND 55mm.

Once you have experienced using a Nelsonian® optic such as MikroMak, you will know the satisfaction of concentrating on your art instead of fiddling with adjustments. Unbelievable depth of field. Crisp, sharp focus. Colors in stark contrast. Yes, in a word, you will be freed to experience the true JOY of unlocking your creativity.

But sometimes that creativity is expressed by more typical perspectives. For that, we offer MikroMak/RO.
MikroMak/RO is the simplest, yet most productive macro lens you could choose. And, unlike the Nelsonians® which have typical microscope inverted imaging, MikroMak/RO is erect in the camera.

Mount a MikroMak/RO on almost any make of camera (being able to switch a single MikroMak/RO from one camera to another), just compose and shoot.
There’s nothing more to do in order to get stunning results because MikroMak/RO literally sets the best image automatically.
As you move around with it, the brilliance of the image quality may astound you. No guessing, no hassles. Just breathtaking excellence from infinity zeroed down to 2x at 47mm and up to 3.5x at c.20mm.

And that’s not all. Add the 55mm Front and the MikroMak/RO goes from being 120mm focal length (at Infinity) to 55mm (at Infinity). But you will still get a wide angle of view, because its infinity focal length rating is constantly changed as you focus.

Full details are now contained in the MikroMak/RO instruction manual and pricelist.

Only a hint of the many accessories that fit MikroMak.

The only Macro lens you can use in the field and continue to use in the lab or studio on a microscope.  Adapters are available to fit most brands.

The dimensions of MikroMak allow you to use many optional lighting configurations.

At Cine expert Jon Fauer’s* suggestion, we have added an optional 0.8mm pitch Gear capability to all MikroMaks! It slips on and locks in place. Now, all MikroMaks can be equipped to be gear and motor driven.
Film and Digital Times


Well, all the above just begins to tell you about MikroMak. We now invite you to visit the other side of your creativity.  The rest of the story is now only yours to tell.    You can get there.   With MikroMak.

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Size: 2 MB   Updated: 09/03/2021
• Optical Data
• Magnification Tables
• Instruction Manual
Size: 138 KB   Updated: 01/18/2022
• Price List
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MikroMak is a trademark of INFINITY PHOTO-OPTICAL COMPANY.
U.S. Patents 5,054,896, 7,869,139 and 9,164,266 may apply.  Additional patent applications have been made.